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This new and exciting field of testing has quickly become a challenging area for insurance reimbursement. Physicians and patients alike recognize how genetic testing can impact their health and plan of care; however, many payers have been slow to adopt and develop a policy. Their hesitation has caused medical billers numerous challenges. Express Medical Billing will work closely with your laboratory to develop strategies in overcoming these payer challenges, handle any appeals as well as advocate on behalf of your laboratory for reimbursement.

Laboratory testing is an integral part of healthcare. Physicians rely on timely and accurate testing results for their patients. Express Medical Billing has years of experience handling laboratory reimbursements and billing guidelines for clinical tests. Our process utilizes sound and compliant billing practices to work with your team resolving unpaid claims, medical necessity denials, and payer requests. Understanding national and local coverage policies is a crucial aspect of provider education. We work with your team to provide documentation to your physicians, develop billing practices and offer multiple customized reports reflecting your financials so that you are always informed.

Physicians order diagnostic/pathology laboratory testing to diagnose patient conditions as well as continue accurate treatment for existing conditions. The results of a blood laboratory test can provide a doctor with necessary information to effectively treat a patient. Diagnostic laboratories are essential to patient care.

Physicians look for laboratories with the most accurate and timely test results. Laboratory billing requires ongoing adherence to state and federal regulations. Making sure tests are billed with the most current diagnosis and that all testing billed follows NCD and LCD guidelines are essential to getting claims paid in the timeliest manner. Billing policies may differ from insurance to insurance, so it is important to identify and understand each policy.

Toxicology testing is essential to help the physician prescribe medications effectively and safely. Toxicology testing is most efficient when results are timely. Physicians rely on toxicology results to manage their patient’s plan of care.

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