Express Medical Billing is thankful for the blessings of health, family, and friends. It is important to us to give back where we can.

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St. Patrick’s Center encourages our community not only to donate to those in need but to also spend time getting to know those in the community. A small group at EMB is going to get to know some of the women the center houses at night. St. Patrick’s center offers a program where any small group can bring up ingredients to cook a meal within their large kitchen on site. Upon completion of the meal, the group is able to sit down and break bread with the women, getting to know them personally. At the end of the day, we feel like the lucky ones!

You can visit their website and mission at


This season, we are gathering items for the program Brendan’s Backpack. This program was developed by one of our local school districts and is free for the students who participate. Brendan’s Backpack allows each child to leave school on Fridays with food they can easily make and eat themselves over the weekend. We forget that some children consider their regular meals to be the meals they receive during regular school days. However, some children are still in need of those regular and accessible meals throughout the weekend. This program’s outreach truly makes a difference.

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EMB also remembers that there will never be an end to those in need of healthcare. We are currently collecting donations for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. This charity works to provide access to medical care, health and well-being for families in need.

You can visit their website directly at for more information.