EMB recognizes that claim turnover is crucial to enhanced cash flow. 

EMB will process, audit, and submit your claims within 24-48 hours of receipt.  Our staff reviews claim rejects daily and makes the necessary corrections to resubmit your claim same day.

“Your rejection rates are low, paper claims rates are low…That just shows what an outstanding job you and your staff do on a daily basis for your clients!”


Express Medical Billing has a long standing partnership with Trizetto (formerly Gateway EDI) as its clearing house. As one of Trizetto’s Executive Accounts, we are able to offer our clients many exciting EDI features as part of their partnership with Express Medical Billing, including, but not limited to:

  • Customized workflowwe will know within 24 hours of your claims’ acceptance by the payer.

  • Performance at a glance – clients can monitor our performance with a click of a button.

  • Rejection analysis – we will research claim rejects immediately and get them right back out the door to insurance.

  • Electronic remittance advice  clients can access all of their remittances including Medicare and Medicaid right from their desktop, in real time, every day.

  • Online eligibility – clients can easily check their patients’ eligibility from one, all-inclusive site.

Concerning claim submission, Trizetto lets us know within 24 hours if a claim is rejected. Rejected claims are immediately corrected and sent back to insurance.

EMB sets up all electronic remittances and EFT available for each practice. Each EFT payment and ERA comes through in live time every day. Our team downloads all electronic payments to the patients’ accounts. We send and receive all information via file transfer with Trizetto. You staff also has the ability to review any ERA to know exactly how patients’ claims have processed. You can see what is direct deposited every day. The EFT#s, amounts, each claim within that deposit, the total adjusted amounts, and more are viewable every day.

We create each provider their own secure user ID for access anytime, anywhere to this secure clearing house. You can login via a virtual connection or in person with one of our team members to start and walk through each option available for you and your office staff.