Those who provide care in a RHC setting are aware of their particular need for accurate billing and timely payments. RHCs must navigate a strenuous Federal certification process to receive higher reimbursement benefits from Medicare and Medicaid. Those higher reimbursements are a critical resource to allow continued healthcare for medically underserved populations. RHC billing records revenue codes, CPT /HCPCS codes, and diagnosis codes on distinct billing lines for all services on a date of service. CMS’ stringent rules can be a struggle for many practices and can cause disruptions in a revenue stream.

Express Medical Billing partners with its RHC providers to ensure consistent compliance. EMB submits quarterly reports to state Medicaid programs and assists with annual Medicare cost filing and reporting. With the constant requirements to be met and qualifications to maintain for RHCs, specialized billers should be the ones to unburden physicians and maximize reimbursement.

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