Recovery of unpaid balances and claims remains one of the most challenging aspects of good practice management.

Persistence in collections sets Express Medical Billing apart from its peers in the industry. Nothing is more important than the timely and accurate resolution of unpaid claims.

We use a systematic approach for every unpaid insurance claim.

Our insurance collections approach includes:

  • Research of denials using our access to insurance portals/data portals/CWF/clearinghouse for accurate insurance information

  • Contacting the member by phone or letter to obtain necessary information

  • Interacting with practice staff for valid patient information

  • Timely resubmission of corrected claims

  • Accurate completion of claim re-openings, reconsiderations, redeterminations, C2C appeals, and if necessary ALJ hearings

  • Reaching out to the state Insurance Commission for resolution

At EMB we consider patient collections an integral part of your practice’s success.

We also acknowledge and understand that nothing is more important to you than your patients. Customer Care is a value held high at EMB. Our collections department knows how to work with patients in a flexible yet stable way to enhance your bottom line.

Express Medical Billing makes direct connections with patients and works with the patient to pay off their debts before the account becomes too cold to collect. Our systematic approach, ranging from patient debt calls to establishing payment plans, adds value to our everyday collection operations.

Our process for patient balance collections entails an array of facets including:

  • Validating patient balances through our monthly audits completed every month

  • Providing patient balances daily to your practice via the Office Schedule Software – including promise to pay notes and high balance alerts

  • Utilizing various resources and special software to research missing or inaccurate insurance information

  • Researching up to date addresses via skip trace address service for forwarding addresses and addresses not found to make sure the statements are being received

  • Soft collection calls made after two statements on all accounts

  • Managing promise to pay, payment plans, and financial hardship discussions

  • Completing cold account analysis for possible referrals to our collections agency

  • Research further all claims made by the patient (i.e. “I already paid my bill.”)