Every practice is unique. Every specialty is unique. Why would you need the same reports?

With Express Medical Billing, End of Month reporting is tailored to meet your needs.

Over the years, to supplement the numerous standard reports available from our software, our IT staff has developed hundreds of reports to provide our clients with the analysis they require to manage their specialty in an easy-to-understand format, including:

  • YTD month-over-month billed and paid carrier analyses

  • One page Accounts Receivable analysis

  • Monthly CPT trend, prior 12 months, frequency and billed amount

  • CPT analysis by insurance by date of service

  • Uniquely designed facility statements

  • PQRS and MIPS analysis reports

  • Dialysis tracking by attending provider

  • Lien requests, personal injury and attorney statements

  • Analysis of services billed and paid

  • Patient specific billed and paid

  • Specific insurance company recovery, billed and paid

We can report on an individual or a specific group of providers, referring providers, or ordering providers; an individual or group of facilities or organizations; a single procedure or a designated group of procedures.

Simply put, if your data has been entered into our software, then we can showcase it in a manner that best meets your requirements.

We also use our data access capabilities to assist our team with additional safeguards for auditing our accuracy, pre-submission claim editing, improving the quality of our service, and if needed, to respond to audit requests. If you would like to inquire about your specialty’s requirement, please contact us.

“I have worked with Express Medical Billing for over three years now. They have been wonderful in helping me transition from working at a counseling agency to going into private practice. I appreciate their expertise and professionalism and recommend them to all of my colleagues.”