In This EMB Bulletin:

  • Congress Discusses Medicare Reimbursement Cuts
  • EMB Holiday Schedule

Congress Discusses Medicare Reimbursement Cuts

As mentioned in the previous bulletin, providers have been calling for Congress to address the nearly 4.5% in cuts imposed by the 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule. Separately, Congress is being asked to confront the Statutory PAYGO sequestration anticipated to cut approximately 4% from 2023 Medicare payments.

At this point in time, Congress has still not made a determination regarding these significant cuts. However, updates could be coming as early as later this week. With the holidays upon us, EMB wants to make you aware that this is something we are actively monitoring. Once decisions are made and we are in the office to report them, you can expect a bulletin with additional details.

EMB Holiday Schedule

As a reminder, between Christmas and New Year’s Day, EMB is utilizing a system of floating holidays. This method will allow for members of EMB’s staff to be available to our providers nearly every weekday from December 22 through January 3. Your biller should be reaching out to you with her specific days off.