The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System, MIPS, seems to be the new buzz word in every doctor’s office.

Everyone is asking questions about MIPS: What is MIPS? How will it affect my practice? What do I need to do to avoid a potentially negative impact?

If any of these questions are circling in your mind, then this is the guide for you!

You could pull up the CMS web page and wade through the full 662-page document, but who has time for that? That is why we decided to break it down for you into 5 key points. These points will tell you what you need to know in order to stay ahead of the curve and tackle MIPS head on.


First, decide if you want to simply avoid the penalty or complete a full MIPS reporting. Then, determine how your EHR, registry, billing staff, or billing company can partner with you to meet your MIPS goals.

At Express Medical Billing, we are not only a billing and credentialing company, we are also your MIPS resource. Get in touch to find out more,

A patient at our medical clinic was filling out her registration forms. After name and address, we asked for her nearest relative. She wrote “walking distance.”